Thursday, 14 May 2020

How to celebrate Eid al adha (bakrid) in the clouds of COVID 19

How to celebrate Eid in the presence of coronavirus lockdown 2020

Well, Eid-Al-Adha (Bakrid) is a special movement, of all the Muslims irrespective of the sects, Eid-Al-Adha (Bakrid) will be celebrated at the end of the Hajj and will be commended on August 01. Muslims overall observe Bakrid by yielding a healthy full-grown goat or other halal animals as an image of the sacrifice made by Prophet Ibrahim.

Eid-ul-Adha 2020, Bakra Eid or Bakrid will be praised on August 01, Saturday in India. The "celebration of sacrifice" praises the ability of prophet Ibrahim, the prophet in Islam, to forfeit his child as a demonstration of submission to God's order. Muslims overall observe Bakrid by relinquishing a healthy goat as an image of the penance made by prophet Ibrahim. The families devour the goat's meat and furthermore appropriate it to poor people. Fans additionally offer the Eid al-Adha prayers at the mosque, wear new garments and welcome one another.

Eid al-Adha falls on the tenth day of Dhu al-Hijjah, the most recent month of the lunar year. It is likewise when Hajj, a journey where the devotees of Islam are required to finish once in their lives, happens.

Eid Al Adha Significance And History

Bakrid is one of the most significant celebrations for Islamic adherents as it denotes the incomparable sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim or Abraham. As legend has it, the Prophet was tested by almighty to demonstrate his confidence in Him and to do that, the Prophet needed to forfeit something that he held dear to him. The Prophet's immovable confidence in almighty God had incited him to offer his 13-year-old child, Ismail, for sacrifice.

Eid-Al-Adha (Bakrid) Muslims celebrate the festival with full enthusiasm and energy, the best part is they great each other in different ways, in olden days they use to send eid greeting cards to friends and relatives if they are in different cities to express they have a special place in the heart and an expression of love.

Then the trend changed after the interdiction of a telegram, they use to exchange greetings with the help of telegram, again after some time the trend changed after the introduction of mobile phone and SMS.

And this SMS has changed the trend in such a way that it totally wiped out the telegram system and then comes the Facebook, this social the platform has changed the communities, people use to get celebrate on Facebook and send gif and some sweet videos and the social gathering increased on the platform and they get friends with the friend's circle.

Now comes the part if the friends and relatives are in the same city then the social gathering and eating the sweets and Biryani has got a special flavour.

And the beauty of the eid festival is that before one day of the eid Muslims buy a healthy animal for sacrifice and after sacrifice it will be distributed to all the people in the need so that every individual should feel the happiness of the eid festival and no one should be left alone and this is a compulsory part of the eid.

How to celebrate Eid al adha (bakrid) in the clouds of COVID 19

Now comes the most difficult part of COVID 19, that is the special prayer gathering in the mosque and a special ground dedicated for celebration of Eid day prayer, here every Muslim will visit and pray to god and thank the god for his favour and mercy, now we have to celebrate the festival, but we have to follow the rules of the land we are staying and we have to respect the government’s policies which are always protecting us and made for the protection.

For Eid prayer, we have to maintain the social distancing for the sake of our health and our relatives and friends, we have to consider this act as a sacrifice for the sake of our friends.

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Now everyone is wondering how they can do this and this prayer is called Salah al-Eid al Adha, the name comes with the attachment of sacrifice of prophet Ibrahim which is related to the distribution of sacrificed meat among the needy, this part of the distribution is compulsory as compare to the did prayer itself, and hence this distribution will not have any effect on social distancing due to COVID 19.

But regarding Salah al Eid ul adha (Bakrid) it is too early to decide how it can be celebrated, well Muslims wear a new dress on this day, most of Muslims will buy every wearing new human accessories from head to the toe and all the sense of the body experience the new flavour and we can watch the smiling faces of each rich or poor.

Bottom line is that we have to live with the coronavirus for a lifetime and hence I hope we can celebrate the Eid with the same method which we normally celebrate respecting the law and order of the land we stay and following the rules strictly.                    

How To Celebrate Eid In COVID 19 Lockdown 2020

Saturday, 9 May 2020

How To Celebrate Mothers Day In COVID19 Lockdown?

Mothers Day With COVID 19 Lockdown 

This day ought to be praised not simply like some another day this day each mother should feel she is exceptional and favoured, we need to accomplish something which causes them to feel true we are regarding them, we regard them, we perceive the exertion, we perceive the torment, we perceive the hardship, we perceive the work, we salute them just for this as well as for something unique that you will always unable to get.

 Truly obvious you have perceived the adoration, we can simply move our eyeball and simply watch the world, each animal loves the mother and each mother cherishes the children, on the off chance that we raise our head we can watch the winged creatures, how the mother deals with the infant, we can feel the plenitude of affection.

 Truly, we need to perceive her affection, we need to accomplish something uncommon this day, we need to praise this day with extraordinary eagerness and optimistic mood.

 Indeed we need to praise this day, we as a whole realize we can't overlook this day, presently due to COVID 19 and because of social separating we have constraints on festivities yet, we can accomplish something unique, much the same as we can cook something exceptional which she adores a great deal, we can accumulate a lot of roses, which will be the best copy of articulation of adoration.

 This day we need to accomplish something exceptional, we can't disregard this day due to COVID 19, still, we can celebrate in the most ideal way, we need to redesign the photograph collection, which will ready to recall the old things.

 Three the best endowments on moms day COVID 19

 There are three detects which are known as the time machine, the best aromas (smell), the photographs (sight), music (hearing). Simply attempt today and simply watch the sentiments.

 On the off chance that old scent which you utilized a long time before has been kept before you, at that point, the time machine will be initiated and you will feel those past times.

 On the off chance that the old collection is kept before you, on the other hand, the time machine will get enacted and you will have the sentiments of the time you been cherished.

On the off chance that the music is played again, the time machine will get enacted and you will feel the delight of old things and moms love.

 These three are the best endowments you can provide for your mom on the moms, day and the best thing is you can accomplish 2 things effectively, for example, collection and music which you can send it through WhatsApp.

 Moms Day Cake

 Numerous individuals accept that festival is eating yet it isn't accurate, we can, in any case, praise the moms day without a cake in view of COVID 19 lockdown, it will be an extremely troublesome undertaking to get a cake.

 The greater part of the individuals imagine that bliss is another piece of eating, however, these days due to COVID 19, we can skirt this part and praise the moms day for all intents and purposes, either on WhatsApp we can communicate the adoration, on any of the online networking we can join the gathering for all intents and purposes.

With Rose Celebrate Mothers Day In COVID19 Lockdown

Thursday, 16 April 2020

An Open Letter Call For Eradication Of COVID 19

Eradication of COVID 19

We all need your attention with regards to taking action in case of COVID 19, we need eradication, not just social distancing, quarantine and washing the hands, we need eradication of COVID 19.  

We all know how the world is suffering, due to COVID 19 but I don’t think it is enough what we are doing, this social distancing, quarantine, washing the hands, stopping all our activities we all are suffering from COVID 19 directly or indirectly.

But I think we are not doing the exact thing what has to be done instead of spoiling the economy of trillions of dollars.

Request to world leaders 

Someone leader has to stand up and take strong action with the WHO doctors in viral science put some extra pressure that, give them an ultimatum they have to create a vaccine for the eradication of COVID 19 within a time limit of not more than 2 weeks.

We all can’t wait for months in eroding economies and multiple issues related to a standstill of this world order.

We all as social humans need the freedom from COVID 19, not the time pass of politically biased leaders,

We all need freedom from the drums of death echoing round the clock when this COVID 19 knock the doors we never know.

This COVID 19 doesn’t need a passage; she just needs a referral.

Consider if we don’t take such action then what will happen is after some days leaders will open the lockdown in case if the problem relapse, just imagines how worst will be the world situation, in another hand just consider the same type of some other virus comes, do you think we have the power to tackle the eroded economy of the world order.

My answer is no, hence we have to take some strong action, dear leaders please make an announcement, any scientist can come forward and try to make the research and find the solution and save the world and be a hero of the world.

Dear leaders make a strong team of scientist called quick action force in case of virus attack, we all are quite sure that every problem has a solution and we have to find it out in a smart scientific way, in a much-organized way, in a more aggressive way.


I am not blaming anyone but by stopping funding to WHO we are not doing anything better, I fear we are doing something just opposite.        
image of COVID19 3D
Your Attention Please World Leaders Call For Eradication Of COVID 19

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Today 5 Which In Asian Language Called Aaj5 | European and Americans Compare

European and Americans

There are 5 most complicated concepts in Asian countries aaj5, which make them lag from European and Americans.

1. Time administration. 
2. Discipline. 
3. Prioritization of well-being, niches and work. 
4. Searching for alternate routes only sluggishness. 
5. Mismanagement of stress. 

1 Time Management. 

Time the executives, the greater part of the people of the Asian nation know this issue and still they are not ready to fix them, however, India has an answer for this which is brought in language jugad implies alteration. However, talking it isn't.

I will disclose to you my very own actual story when I return to India from Saudi Arabia to arrangement my industry after working in Saudi Arabia for around 20 years.

Well, my first day in the endeavour makes me breakdown since I arranged in the early morning that today I will do 7 undertaking and I made a homework alongside streets format from where I need to begin and where I need to wind up the day.

When I start the principal task I had a gathering with an individual called Gopal, he guaranteed me he will go to the gathering spot at 10.30 am; I arrived at the spot at 10.15 and I accepted he will come on schedule and afterwards next errand I can do it at 11.15 at a better place.

This man of his word came at 12.27 early afternoon, he gave such many reasons that because of traffic and babble la, we could talk about on the issue for 10 minutes and he said to pay some development cash I need it direly and he will restore the following day.

Well, the following gathering individual was Wasim at another spot, which was planned at 11.15 am I just called him he said they occupy him and he couldn't come and he guaranteed me he will meet me the following day.

At that point I figured I couldn't finish my first errand then how I can move toward the following assignment, I returned home and talked about with one of my companions this all happens he said you ought to do some jugad. Did I ask him how?

He clarified me this is the ordinary technique of Asian nations, on the off chance that we attempt to do every one work yourself, at that point nothing can be accomplished so get in touch with certain specialists (dealers) for each assignment, your work should be possible in your timetable time this is called jugad.

2 Discipline. 

Asian nations need discipline, for example, street discipline,(driving, stopping, surpassing, headlights, and substantially more) office discipline (going ahead time, delaying the work, carelessness of hard-working attitudes), well-being order, for example, eating anything at whenever there is something else entirely to chat on this subject.

3 Prioritization Of Health, Wealth And Work. 

The vast majority of Asians don't have the foggiest idea what is the need in life well-being, niches and work, typically they organize first on niches, at that point well-being and in the last work.

4 Searching For Shortcuts Nothing But Laziness. 

This scanning for alternate routes is more typical in African nations than in Asians nations, yet Asians are likewise looking for easy routes which prompt a circle of issues, this they understand at the later stage.

5 Mismanagement Of Stress. 

This bungle of pressure is a difficult issue typically individuals disregard to acknowledge, well if you keep the feeling of anxiety high it eating your well-being, we need to unwind throughout everyday life and we need to do some yoga and reflection to remember from pressure else it will have antagonistic effects.


We have covered all the aaj5 points in,

European and Americans

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